Yaa Allaahu 66



Allah is the (proper) name of God. "Allah" is cited 2607 times in the holy Qur’an.
(a) To seek acceptance of prayers and fulfillment of legitimate desires recite 66 times immediately after sunrise, or at the time of sunset, or in the late hours of the night.
(b) To obtain full satisfaction of all legitimate desires recite 200 times, after wuzu, on Fridays.
(c) To be aware of the unity of Allah, to become pious and to wipe out the love of worldly things, recite it 1000 times daily.
(d) Make pills of flour, recite it 11000 times over them and drop them into a river or sea, all your difficulties will be made easy.
(e) Allah sends blessings on that house in which "Yaa Allaahu" is written and pasted or mounted on the wall.
Many ulamah (religious scholars) have said that this could be the ismi aa 'z 'am, the great name of Allah.