Street food in Lucknow

Street Food in Lucknow

Lucknow food has its distinguished identity. It has given us Kebabs, Kormas, Kaliya, Kulchas, Roomali Rotis, Zarda and what not. Lucknow has a grounded street food culture and it is a culinary paradise for those who love exotic tastes. Food in Lucknow has a legacy of its own. Not only in the ingredients that are used in cooking but also the cooking expertize that gets handed over from one generation to another. Apart from Kababs, Kormas and Kulfis, Lucknow has many places to eat if you are in the mood to try out some international cuisines. Which means: whatever it is that you crave for, Lucknow has it!


Here are some famous street delicacies that you must try, when in Lucknow!

Kebab: Lucknow has many mouth watery kebab dishes but the Tunde Ke Kebab is so famous that it has a Wikipedia page dedicated to it! It is a 100-year-old awadhi dish with 160 spices and a closely guarded recipe. Biryani Lucknow has its own biryani flavour very different from that of Hyderabad or Delhi. One of the joints famous for Awadhi Dum Biryani recipe is Idris Ki Biryani. It’s one of the old shops you will find here, almost 50 years old now. It’s also one of the most delightful street food outlets in Lucknow.


Nihari: Nihari literally means morning and this is a famous breakfast dish from Lucknow. It’s usually slow cooked meet broth and the place you need to find is Rahim ki nijari - a little food heaven on the streets of Lucknow.


Sheermal: Sheermal is bread, a tandoori naan, but it’s very different from the normal tandoori naan you will find in Delhi or elsewhere. Sheermal is made from sweet milk, has a beautiful colour and it’s flavoured by saffron. It beautifully balances the taste of spicy meat dishes.


Lucknowi Chaat: Chaat is an extremely popular snack in India and one can find new variety of Chaat in every corner. Lucknow also has its own famous Royal Café Ki Basket Wali Chaat. It looks as pretty as it tastes. I might be biased to this one because edible serving utensils are to resist.


Faluda kulfi: If you are going on a eating spree in Lucknow, always keep a little space in your stomach for Faluda Kulfi and find Prakash Ki Kulfi – imagine how special the kulfi must be that this place serves only Kulfi Faluda! Prepared in front of you in seconds, this is the ultimate desert champion.


Nimish: Nimish is a very famous milk desert from Lucknow. It’s delicately sweet, light and frothy with a dry fruit sprinkle on it. You will find Nimish or sometimes called Makkhan Malai everywhere on the streets of Lucknow during summer.


Lucknawi Paan: With Bollywood unfailingly showing Lucknow people as Paan lovers in their movies, it’s hard to not try Paan when you are in Lucknow. The taste of this paan is unique and it remains with you whenever you are in the mood to have a paan. It’s a sweet treat many in India indulge in after having lunch.


If you want to delight your taste buds with good street food, there’s no other place you should rather be than in Lucknow. Soak in the rich culture and eat food that reminds you of good days of the past.

Apart from the places to eat mentioned above, you can also try Shukla Ji Ki Matar Chaat and Aloo Tikki, GPO Ke Thande Dahi Bade, Butter Bun and Tea at Sharma Ji Ka Tea Stall, Kalika Hut Ki Mutton Handi, Korma at Coquina Private Kitchen. Happy Eating!


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