Deviation towards Devotion is the most mature form of the hem sapience. It is a non-religion atmospheric nature of a wisest soul. Normally, human has been witnessed in the form a fish in the pond which comes to its devotional surface for some air and goes back again in dark waters… repeatedly. The evil is on the rise and the fake is big a time favorable. Monster streak is making men look alpha and cleaver/cunning person is taking high rank in human heart whereas innocent is considered as a fool.

What people are dying to follow and achieve is western cool styles for cooler lifestyle where they can also end-up producing people like Donald Trump as their high-rank officials to give hate speeches and make their followers giggle. 

Monsterism is actually the part of body which is connected with back of the neck ‘Tongue’. The more people use it, the more people use it in extremes. It can only be bluffed by wise speaking and using brain for good purposes. This is 21st century and people are more stressed-out by other’s being successful. Television’s vision is the reason to make them carry it all as their passion and this has changed the concept of success entirely.

What if the public is getting corrupt and love developing odds in their favors. The virus is viral and getting back-up for great life time comfort-levels. Laughing at other tragedy is the best form of peace they seek and when any calamity befalls at them they seek help from others as a guiltless being. In country like India where all kind of alcohol is lawfully getting sold and people are happy with this fact, where government seeks people to behave as a Good Samaritan while being drunk and innocently shameless.

All their education and knowledge is waste, if they can’t figure out the difference between mannerism and monsterism.