Innallaha Deenal Islam

Parents and Islam with great teachings from the parents of Islam our beloved prophet Mohammad (SAW) showed the path of piousness and veracity. Those who believe will gain revival in their heart for the fresh start those not will be dragged into the dark pits of wickedness.

So many prophets in the human form were sent down by our truest and greatest king 'Allah' on the different part of the earth, on the same and different times and zones. Light is the curse for those living in dark and their cure is ‘light’, but those habitual of darkness feel fun in its darkest and weirdest ways.

For the perfect maturity of human evolution Allah introduced itself by his and our beloved prophet Mohammad (SAW) with its own collaborated set of rules to be followed by the true men of Islam.

Habits and teachings of our beloved Imams which keep bad experiences a bay and make sure that the light in sight will keep the heart alive. Every entity, personality and property has shades, in all revealed and unrevealed forms so choose your best for everybody's greater good.

Seek forgiveness and ask for mercy and peace with happiness for those love you or done bad to you.

Surrender... or you will never get satisfied... Good habits are addiction which transform generations and find a source of eternal happiness, peace and healingful aura around you and your well wishers. It is a natural Algorithm to gain best of knowledge and develop skills to perform as higher authority synced with holy spirits... Fearless and humblest form of men belongs to the best mercifully guided by holy laws proposed by Allah the everlasting king.

Allah who has no competitors except mercy on all beings, Allah is the father and mother of all things either motion or still. And every humble soul belongs to thou kingdom... So thou becomes an eternal guardian and divine intervention of chastity.

Healthy heart has no place for jealousy and misguiding tendencies. Put some Grace in your genes so that it can be carried by generations.