Miniature together with ebru and calligraphy were the most popular art branches around Anatolia in the time of  Ottoman Empire although it’s astonishingly rare nowadays. One of the Ottoman Art Exhibitions which held place at the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University features paintings in miniature and on a grand scale, depicting scenes from Istanbul in the time of the Ottoman Empire, reflected those past times.


As an Iranian-Azeri painter, the works of Haydar Hatemi are mostly based on blends of classical oriental styles such as miniature and tazhib with some modern elements. His early studies in art started at Tabriz’s Art Academy after finishing high school in Tabriz, Iran. Haydar Hatemi is a graduate of the prestigious Fine Arts Academy of Tehran University. He moved to Turkey in 1983. He has been working under the commission of the Qatari Royal family for the last decade.