Arrival Signs Of Mahdi (atfs)

1. The Romans and the Turks will attack Syria. America runs on a Roman imperialist system, the US and the Turks are the number one supporters of ISIS and constantly call for war on Syria.


2. Three men will fight over Syria. Their description is very much so like that of the Russians, Americans, and Iran. The word men here could mean leaders of nations and not individuals.


3. The Turks and Romans will be defeated and humiliated. They will fight amongst themselves.


4. The Sufiayani will attack Syria, causing it’s people to flee. Syrian crisis.


5. His army will then attack the land of Kufa. Note that Kufa was the capital at the time and thus it called refer simply to Iraq as a whole and not just the town.


6. The Yamani will call for a rise against oppression. Houthis rising in Yemen?


7. An innocent soul will be executed for no crime. His killers will not have an excuse for killing him, neither in heaven nor on earth. At the time of his death, the Mahdi (atfs) will rise. Could this be Shaikh Nimr al Nimr?


The narrative about Nafs Al Zakia (pure soul), says he will be from the family of Mohammed (pbuh), but that does not mean he must be sayed. Salman was a persian and yet he was considered to be from the family of Mohammed (pbuh).


Troubling times ahead. I do not say that these are the true signs. I am just posing the question; are we ready?