Anti-Muslim acts on the rise
Islam is being attacked
Islamophobia must stop
Racial profiling of muslims

Anti-Muslim Hysteria on the Rise


With the rise of Islamic State and several other terror outfits who kill in the name of Allah, innocent Muslims around the world who have nothing to do with terrorism or violence of any kind are being subjected to prejudice, hate, violence and xenophobia. People on the street as well as those on social media have been actively promoting anti-Islam and anti-Muslim thoughts and posts. Hate messages on  Whatsapp about Jawaharlal Nehru are being circulated because he is allegedly a Muslim in disguise. Being Muslim is not a crime and it will never be. To be a terrorist, whether you are Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Christian or of any other faith - that is a crime! Your religion has nothing to do with the crimes you commit. Hitler has committed crimes against humanity and I couldn't care less if he is a Christian or a Jew. Osama Bin Laden was a criminal and again, had he been of any other religion, it wouldn't have made a difference. There are serial killers, rapists, terrorists, thieves in all countries, and it doesn't matter if the criminal is a man or a woman and it certainly has nothing to do with their country or their religion.


All Muslims are certainly not terrorists, but all those who feel there is nothing wrong in "hating" someone on the basis of their religion are highly ignorant people who are hollow inside. If you see anyone talk about compassion and then post anti-muslim posts on any social network, know that what you see is a hypocrite. They don't have any real values to guide them and it is ignorance that guides their actions. Your beliefs shouldn't warp itself to suit your agenda. One sick fish has the capability to infect all, so do not turn a blind eye to the hate propagated by these ignorant people who have nothing better to do with their lives other than to promote their ill-conceived notions about "what they think is right" with no regard for the sentiments of others. Surprisingly, these people who post anti-muslim thoughts online have many muslim friends and shed tears upon losing A.P.J Abdul Kalam. The reason they are capable of hating and keeping friendly relations with Muslims simultaneously can be the hypocrisy that drives all their actions and thoughts. As long as you feel something is right, doesn't make it right. You need to question everything you read and only follow your heart and the principles that define who you are as a human being. Hate and violence have resolved nothing ever, and if you feel your hatred will bring peace, you must carry on with your beliefs.


Recently, Aamir Khan expressed his concern about the growing intolerance in India and as expected, people reacted with more intolerance. People are being told what to eat, what to watch, who to marry/who you can't marry, disrespect for people's faith and beliefs, no respect for people's eating habits. Only a certain segment of people feel it is their responsibility to take on the role of a moral guardian.  Most people are not aware of what principles they believe in. They have no clue what 'Liberty' or 'Freedom of Expression' means. Very few believe in the Constitution or ever follow the fundamental duties one needs to follow as the Citizen of this country. This is the same land that produced Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore and now  as we look around there are no great leaders left to inspire the public.


There is no place for peace or logic, and people are only keen on achieving their self serving interests.


When Aamir Khan came out in support of the issue of growing intolerance in the country, some of them felt it is their duty to turn it into an anti-Hindu act. For a long time, India has been practicing and promoting 'Unity in Diversity', 'Respect for all Religions' and that India belongs to all Religions and no one Religion is ever going to be the religion of India. There are thousands of language groups that exist peacefully in India and the day people start fighting over religion and language, the country's growth is bound is get affected. Superficial respect for all religions and communities will not help. It needs to come from the heart and one must actually practice these values.


26/11 - the Mumbai Terror Attacks were not a Muslim act and people who ask why Aamir Khan (a Muslim!) didn't speak up against Muslims ("his co-religionists") then, should realize that being a Terrorist has nothing to do with Muslims. They didn't seek his permission before attacking and he was just as shocked as any other Indian that day. No more, no less! Why should he apologize or feel guilty for what Terrorists do?


By bashing Aamir Khan online for expressing his concerns, people are only proving his point. What he said had nothing to do with Hinduism and he has never been anti-Hindu. So why are people being critical about his religion? He spoke as Aamir Khan and not as a Muslim representative. What's so hard to comprehend? If one feels the need to raise their voice against a real problem that ails India, why can't we respect the person's opinion? If you don't agree with something, you have a choice to not agree. But when you post hate messages to show your disagreement, you are presenting yourself as a highly intolerant person.


Fight for what is right. Fight for peace. Don't fight an empty battle to prove your superiority based on your religion, language, country, community or eating habits.