Allah Said To The Prophet

"O Ahmad! Not everyone who says, “I love God” actually loves Me, unless
he eats sparingly,
he dresses simply,
he sleeps in prostration,
he lengthens his prayer,
he limits his speech,
he relies only on Me,
he weeps often,
he laughs little,
he constantly fights his base desires.
He considers
the mosque as his abode,
knowledge as his comrade,
abstinence as his companion,
the scholars as his intimates,
and the poor as his friends.
He seeks My pleasure,
and ever avoids the sinners,
and is ever busy in My remembrance,
and is ever engaged in glorifying Me.
He is always
true to his promise,
and faithful in his undertakings.
His heart is always pure,
he is chaste in his prayers,
he strives hard in carrying out his religious obligations,
he is eager for the reward that I have reserved for him,
he is fearful of My punishment
and he is a close companion of those who love Me."

يا أحمد ليس كل من قال احب الله أحبني حتى يأخذ قوتا، ويلبس دونا وينام سجودا ، ويطيل قياما ، ويلزم صمتا ، ويتوكل علي ، ويبكي كثيرا ، ويقل ضحكا ، ويخالف هواه، ويتخذ المسجد بيتا والعلم صاحبا ، والزهد جليسا ، والعلماء أحباء ، والفقراء رفقاء ، ويطلب رضاي ، ويفر من العاصين فرارا ، ويشغل بذكري اشتغالا ، ويكثر التسبيح دائما، ويكون بالوعد صادقا ، وبالعهد وافيا ، ويكون قلبه طاهرا ، وفي الصلاة زاكيا ، وفي الفرائض مجتهدا ، وفيما عندي من الثواب راغبا ، ومن عذابي راهبا ، ولاحبائي قرينا وجليسا .

(Bihar al-Anwar)